With its site located in Nagyk�ll�, Bige Holding has been engaged in the business of timber industry for several decades.


It operated in the form of a co-operative from 1971, and already at that time more than fifty employees were employed for woodworking. This activity included mainly the conversion of cylindrical pine-wood for importing it in a huge quantity, using the capacity of reception by rail.


The company provided significant amount of raw material for all deep mines of the country. Its use in the building industry provided an assured market outlet for the coniferous sawn timber produced by converting.


Then the assortment was widened with the manufacture of other seasonal products such as apple crates, containers, what's more, the company was engaged in the manufacture of coffins as well. Gradually adjusting itself to the market demands and changes, the company started to manufacture various pallets.



Utilizing all the advantages of its 24-hectare site equipped with a sidetrack, Bige Holding Ltd. established an independent company in 2003, Bige Holding Holz Producing and Trading Ltd., which has already cleared its profile by now, with its main objects being woodworking and manufacture of EUR and disposable pallets.




We are able to convert about 20,000 m3 of wood and manufacture 400,000 pieces of pallet annually, which means that our company appears as a determinant participant on the market of pallets in Hungary and we are proud to say that we can fulfil any market demand owing to our state-of-the art woodworking and pallet-nailing lines.